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Buffalo Wild Wings

In a word: JM can't believe Nichole's never had buffalo wings before. She can't believe it either.

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JM ate the BBQ pork sandwich.
Nichole ate half a chicken tender wrap and took the other half home.
We split an order of 6 wings with Smoky Southwestern sauce.
JM gave Buffalo Wild Wings a B; Nichole gave Buffalo Wild Wings a B- (see our grading rubric).

This chain is a pretty OK combination bar/wing joint. The staff were nice, there's free wireless access, and the menu's bigger than one might expect. JM liked that the sodas were self-serve.

JM found the pork sandwich to be unremarkable if less soggy than most (a good thing). Nichole's chicken wrap was more than ample. The pineapple was a fun touch, but there were some stealthy hot peppers lurking amongst the other veggies that were kind of a surprise.  And for wings, you can do much worse.

Days after our wing experience, Nichole was still marvelling over the cleverness of whoever invented the combination of barbecue sauce and bleu cheese dressing. Dooce, who seems to have undergone a similar epiphany recently, wrote some good posts to study up with (here, here, and here). Before we rave about these wings in particular, though, we'll have to get a basis for comparison.


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IF Andrew and I ever have the chance to treat you to dinner in Stevens Point, and you don't mind tear-jerking spicy wings, Hilltop's are excellent...and they have milder versions too.

mmm...wings...they're sooo gooood! That sounds like fun.

The Hilltop's "Inferno" Wings are the hottest things I've eaten in my entire life. Very good though.

Have to admit, the woman and I have become fans (to a certain extent) of the former BW3.

Thursday is Boneless Thursday, half price boneless wings. It's shame-a-licious. But the new "limited engagement" Southwest Chipotle sauce is really good, and for $20 we got 21 wings and two tall Sam Adamses.

The new mini pulled pork sandwiches were, get this, sold out last night. Quel nightmare!

Went to the new East Town location for lunch the other day. Usual food with a little sloppy waiting. We waited for about 45 minutes then the waitress came by saying "Oh, you guys must be finished...I'll be over with your bill in a minute." We had to clarify that we hadn't been served our food yet. Part of the problem wasn't hers - they have people from the kitchen bring the food out rather than your wait staff. Don't know if this is new - since most Buffalo Wild Wings places I have been to usually have you order at the counter. Who knows...

When Buffalo Wild Wings started expanding in the post-BW3 era, their model had you order at the counter and take a number. In recent years, they've been transitioning to tableside ordering. Why they then have kitchen staff deliver the food (a quirk I've noticed as well) is frankly beyond me.

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