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Buck's Pizza

In a word: Decent pies for a large group, but not super-special.

The specs: #0050
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Buck's Pizza website; Buck's Pizza on Urbanspoon

Latest Buck's Pizza news and reviews

JM gave Buck's Pizza a B-; Carlos and Nichole gave Buck's Pizza a C; Amanda gave Buck's Pizza a C- (see our grading rubric).

Buck's pizza reminded us all of frozen pizza, though it was admittedly a little better. Their lack of topping choice, however, was disappointing - sure, jalepenos could be called a specialty topping, but pineapple and Canadian bacon? Please! So we ordered some second choices and JM went to pick up our order. Their storefront put modest storefronts to shame with its modesty There was room enough to sit and wait but nothing more.

While the pepperoni and black olive pizza was OK, the sausage and mushroom suffered from canned mushrooms and erratically spiced sausage. Amanda wrote that the very small square pieces were "Interesting! ... only not interesting at all." Pretty much.

One cool thing about Buck's was that our pies came in nearly folded paper bags so we didn't have to deal with bulky cardboard boxes. Stacking the pizzas would have been tricky, though.


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You're stupid. Bucks is good.

I'm with Tubbles. I like Bucks. I get it for my man, Jason.

I have to agree with Carlos. My pizza was semi-ass monkey ont the edges. But overall, I'd give it a 7.8 on the Chippy McCocopuff 1-10 happy scale.

You, sir McCocopuff, are an idiot.

For half the price and 30 more minutes on your own end, you can make a pizza on par with Buck's. Mediocrity, clearly, is NOT excellence. Taste is decent from ol' Buck, but there is NOTHING special about it.

yo man my girl workls there and i get hooked up all the time and it is the best pizza for the muchies. obviously you have no idea about price either. and not a lot of people have as much money as you. bucks has the best price for pizza and friendly people. so kiss my grits dude bucks is raw

word. homeboy rick rizzle the rich nizzle is craaaazy. i drove up for michigan (detroit in da house!) and the first place i stop is buck's pizza. i drop off the kids and then i eat like 5 of those badboys. that stuff makes the red baron and the little caesers guy look like chumps. and don't get me started about the noid.

I just ate some Bucks at the new place.
Same pizza, just a new place. I love it, I could eat it all day/everday until I'm dead.
I'm 80 so that might be tomorrow.

Let it be known that Buck's still rocks my world.

I may be late - but i say bucks is a great place

I think Bucks is great--excellent thin, crispy crust, good cheese. In my top 3 for Madison pizza (after Pavlov's and Glass Nickel). Surprisingly inexpensive, too.

I recently visited Madison and found these reviews very helpful. I was going to eat at Rocky Rococo's, but then the reviews by Tubbles, Senor McCocopuff, and Ms. Levin had me slam on my TownCar brakes and make a U turn to Bucks.

Here's what I thought:
1) the Za was pimpin.
2) When you ask for extra cheese, you think you're the mouse dude from Chuck E. Cheese. Fat ass heaven.
3) Pepperoni--spicy and sassy. Definitely not for the babies.
4) I was not drunk and the food was still good.

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