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BrouxNellie's Diner

Update 8/13/10: BrouxNellie's has changed its name to DeBroux's Diner.

In a word: Yummy but a bit expensive, especially when you tally up the gas money.

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JM ate the meatloaf and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the chicken pot pie and coffee.
The bill was $22, or $11/person, plus tip. (We forgot to use our Bucky Book coupon.)
JM gave BrouxNellie's an A; Nichole gave BrouxNellie's a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Oddly enough, BrouxNellie's features Coca-Cola paraphernalia but serves Pepsi.

JM was absolutely smitten by the meatloaf, a dish he is not usually fond of. It was rich, robust and flavorful. Even the potatoes were good. The gravy deserves special honors.

Nichole's pot pie was OK. A tad underdone, the pastry top was not as flaky as it could have been, and the filling was somewhat watery. The dinner salads were greener than average.

Our server was very patient with our repeated requests for more time; we never got our dinner bread, but who's counting?

BrouxNellie's has a sizeable sandwich menu and the desserts looked splendid, but we were pretty full and they were closing by the time we finished our main courses.

All in all, a good treat if you're in the Oregon, WI area.


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I met with two wonderful fellow librarians for a work lunch at BrouxNellie's today, and my opinion is mixed.

The cost was a little over $22 for lunch for three, which was nice. My compatriots had the Friday fish fry special and a bowl of turkey chowder, respectively, and I got the impression they went over well. The waffle fries were apparently quite good.

My char-broiled tuna steak sandwich was less than satisfactory, however. It was way too close to pressed cat food for my tastes. I like tuna salad, and I like tuna cooked rare to temperature, and this was a very uncomfortable middle ground. It was very fishy, sorta like the smell of fish oil capsules. I should have gone with the fried blue gill filets.

The fries were good, at least.

I'll give it another shot (since I work in Oregon, it's less of a chore for me), but I'm certainly not going to have the tuna steak again.

Grade: C+ with a bullet

Mmmm...pressed cat food!

Hooray! BrouxNellie's is officially better than their tuna sandwich!

The Hot Atomic burger, while not actually comprised of fissile material, is still quite hot. The jalapenos and (predictable) pepperjack cheese are buffeted by some sharp diced onions. Additionally, you get a pile of waffle fries.

It's a very simple burger, but way better than anything closer to work for me (read: Burger King and McDonald's).

At some point in the last year, BrouxNellie's realized the contradiction inherent in the system, and started serving Coke products to match the paraphernalia.

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