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Boston Market

Update: This location of Boston Market is now closed.

In a word: Pretty decent for chain Thanksgiving-dinner-to-go.

The specs: #0043
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Boston Market web site; tip for large parties.

Bill ate the 1/4 dark chicken with cinnamon apples and Caesar salad.
JM ate the 1/4 white chicken with stuffing and mac & cheese.
Kenny and Renee both ate the 1/4 white chicken with mashed taters and mac & cheese.
Naomi ate the sweet garlic rotisserie chicken with cinnamon apples.
Nichole ate the sliced turkey (because they were out of pot pies) with creamed spinach (because they were out of corn) and cinnamon apples.
The bill was cheap. The manager gave us free sodas because we had to wait a while.
JM, Kenny and Nichole gave it a B+; Bill and Renee gave it a B; Naomi gave the chicken a B-, the apples a B, and the lemonade an A- (see our grading rubric).

Latest Boston Market news and reviews

We all piled into Boston Market on a Wednesday night and played a game of 10 Days in Africa while sipping our complimentary colas and waiting for a new batch of chicken to cook. Renee summed up the place well: they serve very generous portions and have great service. Nichole likes that they have veggies on the menu.

Without further ado, here are some adjectives:

  • Apples: sweet, great (Bill); mmm, warmed-up pie filling (Nichole); but don't drink lemonade after a bite of apples (Naomi)
  • Chicken: good, greasy (Bill); a little dry (Naomi & Kenny); juicy (Renee); really good sauce (Naomi), tender & juicy (JM)
  • Cornbread: awesome (Bill); yummy (Renee); fantastic (Kenny); moldy if you leave it  wrapped in a napkin in your jacket pocket for four days (Nichole)
  • Creamed spinach: so good you probably don't want to know the cream-to-spinach ratio (Nichole)
  • Lemonade: very good, pulpy (Naomi)
  • Mac & cheese: cheesy (Renee); really good (Kenny); a little chalky but mostly good (JM)
  • Mashed taters: excellent (Renee); OK (Kenny)
  • Salad: plain but good (Bill)
  • Stuffing:  I looove stuffing (JM)
  • Turkey: wish it was a pot pie (Nichole)


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I ate at a Boston Market in East Brunswick, NJ last Friday...the food made me miss home.

Just a heads up, it appears this location is now closed. I noticed it's absense while driving by this weekend. (It's even been removed from the official website).

Interestingly enough, the Noodles that was in the same strip club is also "temporarily" closed for "kitchen remodeling." Odd.

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