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update: Bluefin is now closed.

In a word: Somehow, less than the sum of its parts.

The specs: #0040
JM ate the sesame chicken and a lemonade.
Nichole and Kayla shared four kinds of sushi rolls: shrimp tempura, Alaska, tekki maki, and sake maki, and each had a piece of unagi and hot tea to drink.
We all split an order of crab rangoon and Nichole tried the miso soup.
Kayla’s fortune was, “It’s time for you to explore all those new interests.” Nichole’s was, “Happiness begins with facing life with a smile and a wink.” JM's was, “Today is a perfect day to give that special person a gift.”
The bill was $45, or $15/person, plus tip.
JM and Kayla gave Bluefin a B-; Nichole gave Bluefin a C (see our grading rubric).

Latest Bluefin news and reviews

Bluefin seemed at first blush to be a comfortably shabby place, but by the end of the evening, which was a very long one due in no small part to the lengthy absences of our server, we were nonplussed. Located in the Northport shopping center (ample extended cab limo parking!) near American Family Table, it occupies what seems to be a formerly medieval-themed venue. Our glimpse of the bar looked pretty cool - indeed, the whole place seemed more serious about being a club than a restaurant.

The menu looked very slick and featured lots of choices for the sushi non-eater. However, the dishes lacked real vim. The miso was lukewarm and the onions in it were anything but mellow. The sesame chicken pieces were bigger than bite-sized and contributed to a non-compelling dish. The rangoon had a weird texture and were not all that hot.

Worst of all, the warm, centered feeling that good sushi usually elicits was replaced by vaguely queasy burbles, not at all reassuring. The sushi used remarkably tough seaweed and tended to fall apart.
Both Nichole and Kayla felt like they'd downed sushi-flavored burgers. Nichole even woke in the night with a stomachache, but thankfully felt better the next day.


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Yeah, Fountains of Wayne reference! You rule, Nichole!!!

Why thank you - and thanks for lending me the CDs.

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