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Big Mike's Super Subs

update: Big Mike's is now Milio's.

In a word: On the sub spectrum, somewhere between Cousins and Subway. But they deliver!

The specs: #0035

JM ate a ham and cheese with a soda.
Nichole ate the Californian.
The bill was $11, or $5.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Big Mike's an A-; Nichole gave Big Mike's a B (see our grading rubric).

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Big Mike's is quite the ubiquitous chain in Madison, with over 16 locations at the time of this writing. We went to the Westgate Mall franchise and ate at a table near the Nails U' Luv. The blandness of the venue might have contributed to the blah impression Nichole got from the sandwich. JM liked his ham and cheese variation pretty well, though.

The first time we had Big Mike's was a fall picnic at Governor Dodge State Park, which made the food taste a lot better.


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I love the Godfather there, regardless of where I eat it. Although honestly, my favorite eating experience was stopping by the one on Fish Hatch just after soccer one night with Monica. We ate our sandwiches at the side of the building, sitting on plastic crates, and watching kids play basketball behind the nearby church.

Um, anyway, great sandwiches. My second favorite sub shop, right behind the Captain's Galley in South Beloit (you're life will be better if you are able to avoid going into Beloit on the way).

Try the beach club on whole wheat. Avocado, turkey, provlone...mmmmm...good stuff. Its either the beach club or california, depending on if you are at Big Mikes or Jimmy Johns. All the same thing, anyways - I do know that its number 12.

My boyfriend always says Milio's doesn't put enough meat in his sandwich.

The meat is portioned.
provolone - 26-28 grams
ham - 42-46 grams
godfather meat - 52-56 grams
turkey - 56-58 grams
roast beef - 56-58 grams
chicken - 66-70 grams

solution: ask for extra meat.

he might also just feel insecure because he doesn't put enough meat in your sub. ooo burn.

Ever since they began to offer wheat as an option instead of just white bread, they're much better. You can taste the wheat berries in that stuff. So good. Especially for a fast-food sub place.

The godfathers are great, though the veggie subs tend toward the very bland. A friend of mine once described it as a "mayonnaise sub."

Of course, too little mayonnaise is bad, too. If you order one of their "skinnys" ("just the meant and cheese") they charge extra for mayonnaise or dressing. Cheap weasels.

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