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Reconstructed from memory after we lost our notebook...
In a word: Wisconsin's "first Indonesian kitchen" serves it up nice.

The specs: #0022
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews by Dennis Getto, at Judy's Book, Yelp, dmoz, the Culinary Adventures of Jahboh and Tossy, QSC; Bandung web site; Bandung Indonesian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Latest Bandung news and reviews

JM ate the lamb sate.
Nichole ate the Thai fried rice with tofu and a Thai iced coffee.
JM gave Bandung a B+; Nichole gave Bandung an A- (see our grading rubric).

The Isthmus writers do an accurate job of capturing the experience at Bandung, and are much better with the details than we are with our lost notebook. At any rate, it's very good.

What stuck with Nichole in particular (aside from the iced coffee, pure heaven) was the excellent presentation: the entrees come on plates lined with banana leaves. Our server packed our leftovers by simply lifting the leaf off the plate and setting it in a  take-out box, then - and this is the awesome bit - labeling it "Bandung Thai fr. rice, 8/5." It's all about the meta, baby. Delightful coffee candies came on the bill tray instead of boring starlight peppermints.

The Rijsttafel sounds like an event not to be missed.


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Bandung is one of the best restaurants in town. I'm always surprised that people don't cite it more often. The tempe curry (its vegetarian but still hearty) with candlestick sauce is terrific. They have this egg dish that's basically two soft boiled eggs with fried onions and a soysauce that doesn't sound too impressive, but I could eat like 4 servings of it. Dinner is a bit pricey, but good. You can get 2/3 sized servings of the exact same dishes at lunch for about 50% of the cost ($6-8) and it comes with free eggrolls. Highly recommended, semi-classy fare in a good location.

I concur with JK, Bandung is really great! The squash curry is amazing and so is the sate (very similar to satay in Thai food).

I often get them for lunch. They deliver and have lots of veggie options. I'm a big fan. I have not been to the restaurant to eat, but based on the delivery food (which has had time to cool) it must be awesome!

Just wanted to say that we're lucky to have a place like Bandung that makes tempe by hand from scratch and serves consistently affordable excellent food. Kakilima is one of the 3 best carts, and Bandung is easily one of the 10 best restaurants in town.

Finally made it to Bandung. We loved it! Ordered the sampler "rijsttafel" for $25, and then for an extra $10 you add another entree and it's now a huge dinner for two! Loved the squash curry and might have to say it's the best in town.

Thursday is $5 Pad Thai special! For $1 extra you can add an order (2) lumpia (Indo egg rolls). You need to preorder by 2 p.m. that day (call 255-6910) Cash or check only and pick-up or delivery between 5 and 6 p.m.

Giving Bandung a solid "A"!

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