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Applebee's (West)

In a word: You probably know what Applebee's is like.

The specs: #0010
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JM ate the small riblet basket with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the small Santa Fe chicken salad and a cup of French onion soup with an iced tea.
The bill was $25, or $12.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Applebee's a D+; Nichole gave Applebee's a B (see our grading rubric).

What can we say? We included chain restaurants in this experiment because JM thought it would help readers understand where we're coming from on the foodie food chain - i.e., we're not critics. JM has much more of a penchant for corporate food, while Nichole tries to avoid it whenever possible. In this case, our reactions to Applebee's were surprising.

While we waited for our food, JM made an astute observation on the cunning use of clip art on the drinks menu to sell booze: "No one has fun on soft drink pages."

Nichole's soup was pretty good, but had an uncalled-for amount of cheese melted on top. After she ordered it she realized she'd mistaken Applebee's for a different restaurant with excellent French onion soup. The Santa Fe chicken salad had been recommended by a friend and was tasty.

JM's ribs, on the other hand, were gristly and tasted bad once past the sauce. Even with the small portion there were too many fries. It was not a good experience for him.

Overall, Applebee's can be a relatively cheap, good MOR option, but as JM learned, even the chains can let you down sometimes. And dear God, don't order a full portion of anything unless you bring your own Tupperware.


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Can I just say that I'm extremely bitter about Applebee's since they dropped the Aztec Chicken Salad from their menu?

God, that was good.

Three years later, and I'm the only one to comment on this review. Kind of funny.

Anyway, we just got back from a nice, light dinner at Brasserie V. I turned on the tube at home, and a commercial for Applebee's two for $20 offer came on. A shared appetizer and two main courses for $20.

Our shared order of frites with two kinds of aioli, a fresh mozzarella sandwich and a pulled pork and Granny Smith apple sandwich (the special)--both with house-made soups--came to....$20.

Please, people. You've got no reason to ever to go a place like Applebee's.

(Kristine adds: "Unless you were given a gift certificate or it's your dad's Fathers' Day pick."

I couldn't agree with Kyle more. While I do not shy away from chains (there is some comfort to a chain when you've hopped from state to state on a regular basis), I find Applebee's incredibly mediocre and overpriced for what they do offer. The west side is its own problem. I expect consistency form a chain, particularly when many items come prepared and are not made in house. But on this visit temperatures of food were off, beers were flat and timing atrocious. The only positive thing I can mention of my one and only trip to this location is the smile of the hostess.

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