Legend at Bergamont

Legend at BergamontIn a word: A fair way to spend a meal in Oregon.

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699 Bergamont Blvd., Oregon 53575
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JM ate the haddock fish fry with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the BLT with five star mushroom soup.
We split a piece of cheesecake.
The bill was $36, or $18/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Legend at Bergamont a B (see our grading rubric).

Onion rolls

Tee-off: The Legend at Bergamont is a super swanky Oregon golf course. It was a long drive to get there - it's nearly as far from US 14 as Brooklyn is. The place itself was a wood-paneling and cavernous-space affair, perfect for wedding receptions and high school formals that we would have never been invited to. You'll want to use your 1 wood.

Five star mushroom soup

Fairway drive: The sound of pop hits from the last 30 years - arranged for strings - led to a fun game of name that tune, which preempted conversation (and caused us to look up the performers, the Vitamin String Quartet, later. Neat.). The entire staff seemed to be earnest 20-somethings who handled the dining room well, though it took a little getting used to the open kitchen. It felt to us a little too much like a hallway for a dining room.

Slice: It turns out that menu is upscale, too. Pricey, but not overly pricey standard Wisco fare with locally sourced ingredients. Nichole partook of the five star mushroom soup or, if you will, liquid stuffing, as it was so packed with butter, sage and thyme. It did complement the soft onion rolls that were provided for all tables.

Haddock fish fry

Out of the bunker and onto the green: JM's haddock fish fry was pretty good. Haddock can taste fishy, and these pieces were warm bursts with a hot, golden exterior. (Perch and cod were also available.). The potato pancakes did not fare so well. Dark and overly cooked, they could have been hockey pucks; potato pancakes have a limited window for excellence and these went too far beyond. His side of broccoli was OK, even though Nichole ate most of it. Her BLT was described in the menu as including sundried tomatoes, but it came with average, fresh tomato slices. The bacon was tasty, sure, and the Bibb lettuce was good, too. But the tomato makes the BLT, and the omission was a bit of a let down.

BLT and sweet potato fries

A long putt into the hole: The salty caramel cheesecake on a pretzel crust was really quite good, but wasn't enough to recapture some of the earlier glory.  For these prices and at this distance, the wind would have to be at our back to birdie here.  As it was, a double bogey - and we'll stick to the mini golf.


Legacy House Imports

Legacy HouseIn a word: Tea, ceremony.

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4221 Lien Road, 53704
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JM, Miranda, Nichole, Phil and the kids shared a 6-cup pot of Earl Grey, a tea tray, some dessert scones, and soup.
The bill was $30, or $5/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Legacy House Imports a B (see our grading rubric).

Legacy House Imports is a tea room and gift shop in a home built by one of the Lien brothers back in the 1940s. We weren't sure what to expect based on the somewhat spare web site, or from the few online reviews we found, but once we called to set up a reservation we were in for a pleasant experience.

The space feels like a cross between an art gallery, Pier 1, and someone's (much nicer than our) living room. It's like a gallery or Pier 1 in that they sell gift items that are more in the "want" than "need" category. However, Legacy House's collection is better curated than the big chains, and they provide fewer opportunities to ask "why would you ever own this?"  In the back there are a few tables where, either by appointment or drop in, where small groups can have a Victorian-style tea. 

Tea tray

The tea selections cover the preferences of the western hemisphere pretty thoroughly (though we're still sad Madison lost Ma-cha as a place to learn about tea traditions from the eastern hemisphere). We settled on a pot of Earl Grey which did what no Earl Grey had been able to do before, namely, change Nichole's mind about Earl Grey. Some early experience with a stale tea bag had put her off the whole idea for years, but - as with so many A to Z experiences when we've tried something new prepared in capable hands - this time it was excellent. And all the accoutrements were fun, from tea strainers to delicate pots of honey.

The sandwiches were adorable, crusts cut off and all. Finely ground ham salad; open-faced butter, cucumber and dill; carrot and raisin (or currant?) with cheddar; and mild egg salad were all served on a soft, nutty wheat bread. The carrot was probably the star, though the egg salad disappeared first. The orange slices used for garnish were wonderful, at the peak of the citrus season.

Tea sandwiches

We tried a cup of soup, one of Legacy House's more substantial offerings. The winter squash and carrot blend was well-seasoned and flavorful, but more pureeing and more cream would have made it great.

Soup to mints

One level of the regular tea tray included quick breads and scones with cream, jam and lemon curd. Of these, the lemon curd was most coveted while the jam and cream lingered, though all were finished by meal's end. Desserts included a rich chocolate confection, a delicate walnut-topped cupcake, and a cream puff swan that remained until the end because it was too pretty to eat and too hard to divide. The eclairs and scones were yummed up quickly. We also got an extra plate of sweets to share, which meant more lemon curd for everyone, which was awesome.

Scones and jam and stuff

We had kids along and, since they liked tea, it was a fun outing to be at with kids. We all wandered around the store after our meal and looked at the wares and the collections on display. For the right kids and even the right adults, a tea party could be a fun way to gather and loll over beverages and dainty, lovingly-prepared foods while sharing moments and memories.


Layla's Persian Food

Layla'sIn a word: Makin' it.

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141 S. Butler St., 53703
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JM ate the lamb kebab.
Nichole ate the fesenjoon with a soup.
The bill was $25, or $12.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Layla's Persian Food a B; Nichole gave Layla's Persian Food an A- (see our grading rubric).

Layla's Persian Food sits in the drafty basement formerly occupied by Café Costa Rica.  There's room for maybe six tables, yet the one bathroom is larger than both combined at Irish Pub. The front door doesn't really close all the way, and in January this can make a bit of a difference. 

Though the cold air made it feel like a tiny Kollege Klub, the similarities ended there. The meal itself was the opposite of bleak. The server/chef/owner was friendly. Indeed, perhaps too much so. Certain that she'd seen us before, she engaged us to find out where she may have known us from. We don't think it was from here. Along with the food and a free pot of tea on account of the frigid temperature, she provided us with small handfuls of her life story, which led us to consider if this wasn't all meant to be part of the experience in a place this size. Intimate space leads to intimate sharing, even from the owner whose 'dining room' we were sitting in.  That said, she was affable and friendly and we were never uncomfortable, just a little agog.

SoupDown to the food itself, Nichole started with a dark green vegetable and lentil soup in a teacup. Very tasty! She also loved the fesenjoon - chicken, walnut and pomegranate stew - which was such a hot commodity that another, later-arriving table could not get enough orders to go around. The chicken was tender yet kept together, and the yellow rice, while cool-ish, was good too.

JM's lamb kebab was tasty with nicely prepared vegetables and tender meat, but was served over some of the coldest rice he'd ever eaten. It was especially difficult given how cold the room was, but it is probably served that way intentionally, so he's stuck just thinking it is not his favorite. His plate was garnished with a dusting of sumac and some pickled carrots and beets, which Nichole stole. His loss!


For dessert, we picked up some baklava for JM's dad, who enjoyed it.

Layla's also participated in "MACN Week," which was a big deal. With the warmth of spring around the corner, we'd probably recommend Layla's just because it is so singular an experience.

Las Islas del Mar

Lucky tableIn a word: Better living through pez.

The specs: #00940   
696 Monona Drive, 53716
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JM ate the fish burrito with an orange Jarritos.
Nichole ate the grilled shrimp with a grapefruit Jarritos.
The bill was $27, or $13.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Las Islas del Mar an A-; Nichole gave Las Islas del Mar an A (see our grading rubric).

Mexican seafood has always been a rare catch in Madison and, other than the brief experiment of El Pescador, the town has had to mostly make do with fish tacos on a handful of menus. Monona's Las Islas del Mar is out to change all of that.

First came the complimentary chip basket, which overflowed with goodies. Sure there were crisp tortillas and a kicky green salsa, but also there was a small spicy crab salad and Saltines. A generous serving of lime was also provided. We were already hearing their siren song.

Chips and seafood dip

The server recommended the grilled shrimp for Nichole. This was an awesome thing: several big, well-seasoned, grilled shrimp came out and had excellent flavor.  Served with a scoop of rice with veggies, fries, and a small salad, the presentation paralleled the quality of the food itself.

Grilled shrimp

JM opted for the most staid choice, a fish burrito, which he described as a "Mexican fish fry" in a tortilla.  It came with the spiciest Thousand Island dressing he's ever had.  The burrito came packed with the unexpected, like tons of small red kidney beans and huge slices of avocado.  The fried cod, though, was pretty good, but the whole thing ended up a little dry without a lot of meat grease to cement it together.

Fish burrito

The service was fantastic and we were one of three tables there for dinner, so it could have gone either way (too attentive, too distracted).  They have some really cool outdoor seating that for an end-of-the year outing did not appeal, but as spring is coming and warm nights beckon, we can see taking another dip off the coast of Las Islas del Mar.

Ladonia Cafe

In a word: Another actual healthy cart lunch.

The specs: #00939   
Usually at Mifflin & Pinckney for weekday lunches
Details at Yelp
Official web site, Facebook

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JM ate his words.
Nichole ate the pot pie, soup, and a ginger limeade.
The bill was about $10.
JM gave Ladonia Cafe a B+; Nichole gave Ladonia Cafe an A- (see our grading rubric).

Ladonia lunch

December at a food cart is always a tough time, and we visited Ladonia on one of those bitterly cold days before Christmas. JM may not have brought the best attitude in checking out a vegan food cart and, when his preferred food wasn't available (chocolate chip waffles), he kind of panicked and pouted. So, let's just say that, upon reflection, he would like to have tried Ladonia under better circumstances. His beverage was quite tasty and his bites of Nichole's pot pie were good, so he imagines that this place meets its needs well, as multiple Best of Madison awards attest. His B+ reflects this critical distance.

Nichole, on the other hand, loved the meal. The pot pie was the epitome of comfort food - warm, with lots of herbal flavors and a rich creaminess. The soup got jostled so the pepitas on top sank, but its pumpkin-y goodness was still evident. A thick slice of sesame-topped bread, and Ladonia's delicious ginger limeade (best cold prevention formula), rounded out the meal.

On a previous preview, the tempeh bacon proved preternaturally tasty too: chewy, sweet-smoky-salty and thickly cut. Summer BLTs are in the cards.

Since the demise of Dandelion, a warm set of meals with vegan and veg options are most welcome. If that's what you are looking for, here's where you'll find it, and even non-vegans who give it a try will be pleased. 

La Taguara

La TaguaraIn a word: They've got the eye of the taguara.

The specs: #00938   
3502 E Washington Avenue, 53704
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Darby ate the parrilla callejera and tostones with papelon con limon.
Dave ate the patacon pisao.
JM ate the hamburguesa de peril.
Joshua ate the arepas.
Nichole ate the perritos with a hot chocolate con queso blanco.
The bill was about $12/person, plus tip.
Darby and Dave gave La Taguara an A; JM and Joshua gave La Taguara an A-; Nichole gave La Taguara a B+ (see our grading rubric).

La Taguara's in the spot Dimitri's Gyros was, and the difference is night and day.  The space is still smallish, but the care taken by the place's new caretakers is evident in everything from the staff (who's prepared to recommend everything on the menu) to the vastly improved bathroom.

First and foremost, La Taguara is Venezuelan. We've heard folks describe Latin American cuisine "pretty much just meat," but LT goes the distance to make it a little more special.  For example, JM got a hamburger. You might think of a hamburger as a cheat (and in some ways it was, since by ordering it he was able to avoid that one ingredient on each of the other dishes that he didn't want to eat). But even on just a burger, La Taguara provided an interesting green guasacaca sauce and spices, which produced a pretty tasty sandwich.

Hamburguesa de pernil

Dave and Darby are regulars at La Taguara, and they opted for dishes that played to the strengths of the place.  Dave's patacon was a healthy-sized sandwich of fried plantain filled with meat and veggies, which all disappeared quickly.

Patacon pisao

Darby's tostones were "amazing" as they consisted of "crispy, salty deliciousness." The parrilla callejera was a grilled meat and veggie sampler plate of many wonders, too.

Parilla callejera

Joshua hewed closer to the familiar, but even then, the arepas filled with shredded beef are a go-to item here. He was not disappointed, though they did get "boring" after many bites.


There are beverages to explore here, too. While the papelon con limon was just okay, per Joshua, Nichole found the hot chocolate con queso blanco really neat. It was like a cup of hot pudding (think Chocolaterian's Parisian hot chocolate) with squeaky white salty cheese curds on the bottom. As for food, the shoestring-potato-topped hot dog was interesting, but not very representative of the menu. She sadly never got the lentil soup she ordered, which sounded good for a cold night.

Hot chocolate con queso blanco

As Madison's dining scene incorporates more Latin American cuisine (is zombie Magnus the harbinger of more in a city that likes Inka Heritage and has a churrascaria, but didn't go much for El Corral, Pollo Inka or Fiesta 38?), it is nice to see that there is a high benchmark to compare against new places.

La Rosita Latina

In a word: No aberrations in these abarrotes.

The specs: #00937   
6005 Monona Drive, Monona 53716
Details at Yelp, La Rosita on Urbanspoon
Official web site

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JM ate the steak burrito with a Jarritos.
Nichole ate the tacos (lengua, al pastor, and beef).
The bill was about $16, or $8/person.
JM gave La Rosita Latina a B+; Nichole gave La Rosita Latina an A- (see our grading rubric).

La Rosita Latina is where Super Tienda Latina was on Monona Dr.  They serve hot food most of the time, in addition to offering a wide range of Mexican groceries. Such places often have some of the best food around, and La Rosita is head and shoulders above several others in the area.

Nichole's lengua taco, for example, was probably the best she's had in Madison - very soft, not too greasy, no membrane. It came with fresh and pliable tortillas and fresh garnishes. The other meats were also very tasty, though closer to the average. JM's steak burrito, too, was well-ensconced in its tortilla wrapper, with ample rice pulling in the steak juice and redistributing it across each bite. 

There were a variety of sauces on the tables - creamy orange, hot green, chunky red - also very fresh. We finished up with some grocery shopping and returned to our home sated.  Mexican grocery store tacos are a treat - and these were that.

Tacos and burrito

La Michoacana

La MichoacanaIn a word: Don't be a sucker; get one instead.

The specs: #00936   
6712 Odana Road, 53719
Details at Yelp, La Michoacana on Urbanspoon

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JM ate an Oreo paleta.
Nichole ate a mangonada.
The bill was about $7 plus tip.
JM gave La Michoacana an A- ; Nichole gave La Michoacana an A (see our grading rubric).

Thanks to a tip from friends, we've been fans of La Michoacana since it opened in the dead of winter (much like it is now, as we post this).  Last summer, it served as a great place to take people for a simple dessert after any west side meal, and now we hear they're working on opening a second location on East Wash, in the former Taqueria Sabor Queretano space. And more paleta palaces have popped up since. Great!

La MichoacanaThe idea is these very simple, very tasty popsicles that frequently have fresh fruit (or in the case of the one JM chose) huge chunks of cookie.  We have probably, over the course of their one year in business, tried twenty of their flavors. While every one doesn't necessarily demand a retrial, there has never been one that we haven't finished. (Well, the texture of frozen cucumber was the only one that could be called an acquired taste.) Seriously, someone could eat every one of these in rainbow order and blog about it.

La Michoacana

For this "official" visit, Nichole settled on the mangonada with, and we're probably describing this wrong, chamoy fruit leather around the straw. The sticky mixture of pickled fruit paste, citrus, and chili is spicy, salty, sweet and sour deliciousness. They also make a paleta version of mango with chili, which she finds unmatched. The English fluency of the staff can vary greatly, but everyone will let you point and sample, and the menu on the wall provides some translations if you don't know your fresa from your queso (and yes, there is a queso paleta.) La Michoacana also has hot cocoa, aguas frescas and savory snacks like elote and tostilocos, but we haven't tried those yet.

We recommend going back again and again. 

La Michoacana

La Coppa Gelato

In a word: Gelato, but in the mall.

The specs: #00935   
138 W Towne Mall, 53719
Details at Yelp, La Coppa Gelato on Urbanspoon
Official web site, Facebook, Twitter

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JM tried the caramel apple & turtle cheesecake.
Marissa tried the blood orange, dark chocolate, mint Oreo and candy cane.
Nichole tried the vanilla bean, cinnamon and dark chocolate.
The bill was about $5/person, plus tip.
JM gave La Coppa Gelato a B-; Marissa and Nichole gave La Coppa Gelato a B+; Chris recused himself due to lack of interest in gelato (see our grading rubric).

A post-work pre-dinner dessert gathering at the mall. Chris, who had later plans, wandered off for something more substantial, while the other three got our gelati.

Marissa, a gelato fan, got the blood orange and dark chocolate, which was better than her mint Oreo and candy cane which was kind of fluffy with an overly sweet finish. She says: "I mean, I LOVE gelato, but I NEVER go to the mall and I can’t really see going there just for that. If I was there though, I would choose it over my other dessert options. Especially the Blood Orange Sorbet and Dark Chocolate Sorbet combo. That was delicious."

La Coppa Gelato

Nichole got the three-scoop blend of vanilla bean, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. While she agreed with Marissa that the dark chocolate was pretty kick-butt, thick and very rich in cocoa, she honestly sees herself choosing Chocolate Shoppe more often than La Coppa at the mall, which is already an arbitrary limitation. On the other hand, La Coppa offered some fancier flavors CS would not be likely to do - lemon basil, for instance, which tasted like the smell of a mown lawn (if that lawn is overrun with lemon balm and a hint of creeping charlie. This might sound awful in our words but it has its charm, and if they made a cucumber-mint gelato, Nichole would go back to try that combo).

La Coppa Gelato

JM got the caramel apple and turtle cheesecake, which did not blend as well as two caramel-based flavors should.  Both were fine, but didn't really wow. Generous and patient with samples, the server had a bit of a gamer personality which clicked with us. We were half expecting to have to roll a d20 for flavor choices.  He recommended a fruit smoothie with intense citrus flavors, which we didn't get this time but might go back for. 

Food court

La Coppa's State St. branch is closed for the winter, but even so, Madison does not want for desserts, which puts this place at a small disadvantage.

Kurt's Never Inn

Kurt's Never InnIn a word: Pithy.

The specs: #00934   
26 S Main Street, Deerfield 53531
Details at Yelp, Kurt's Never Inn on Urbanspoon
Latest Kurt's Never Inn news and reviews at del.icio.us

JM ate the chicken sandwich with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the cheeseburger.
The bill was $16, or $8/person, plus tip.
JM gave Kurt's Never Inn a C+; Nichole gave Kurt's Never Inn a C (see our grading rubric).

CurdsOn the Saturday following Thanksgiving, in a small town's most happening bar, you'll be lucky to find a seat.  All of the college kids (and 20somethings) home for the long weekend are stuck in town until Sunday and cannot stand being home another minute.  In Deerfield, this seems to involve going to a tiny Main Street bar, talking loudly over loud country and hip hop.  This is not Kurt's fault, as he's never in.

Kurt's was actually as much up to the task as we could have hoped.  The server was a no-nonsense 20something herself, who while also fending off a couple of "hey we should get together"s also managed to be personable and forgiving with our questions about the menu, even as the jukebox exhorted the comforts of small town living.

As for the food, the cheese curds were served cornmeal style, which was a nice change of pace.  Gritty and hot, they were gone quickly.  JM's fried chicken sandwich patty was balanced nicely betwixt dry and greasy, with a high-quality tomato.  Although the untoasted bun made the whole thing a little bready. 

Chicken sandwichCheeseburger

The flavor of the cheeseburger was good when it could be discerned. The patty could've used some seasoning, even just salt.  The cheese was plain Jane American and the pickles standard. 

Kurt's has fish fry on Fridays and Coke on the gun with Pepsi in cans.  They certainly seemed to have sold themselves to the college remnant of Deerfield, as well, though that's probably intermittent.  We're not driving to Deerfield to eat here again, but Kurt's could certainly enter a Deerfield rotation if one were required.

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