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Madison's most buzzed restaurant-related news that didn't fit. See also:

Places that are open


Wendigo on Urbanspoon

Edgewater Statehouse

Statehouse on Urbanspoon

Willie Ty's

Willie Ty's Eatery on Urbanspoon


Sujeo on Urbanspoon

Asian Sweet Bakery

Asian Sweet Bakery on Urbanspoon


Cento on Urbanspoon


Rare Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Food cart news

Places that aren't open yet

Edgewater Icehouse

Edgewater Cafe

Edgewater Boathouse


Cafe Hollander

1847 at the Stamm House





Places that don't have names yet

Unnamed sushi bar in Waunakee, unnamed restaurant in the AC Hotel development (East Washington and North Webster), unnamed restaurant in the Archipelago development (East Washington and South Paterson), unnamed restaurant at Treysta on the Water (Monona)

Bubbling under

A-OK, Bee and Tea, Bonefish Grill, Brittingham Boats Cafe, Chick-fil-A, Corner Bakery, Falafill, Family Video, Freshii, Godfather's Pizza, Graft, Jason's Deli, MATC Bakery Store, Macchiatos, Mad City Frites, Magic Wok, Nello's Pizza, Oregon Frozen Yogurt, Paint Bar, Paleomama Bakery, Parched Eagle Brew Pub, Patrick's, Sabores Michoacanos, Yolo

Animated fire by nevit, via Wikipedia

Animated fire by nevit

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