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Connie's Home Plate

Connie's Home PlateIn a word: Sacrifice fly.

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7113 Cty Hwy K, Middleton 53562
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JM and Nichole ate a bag of chili cheese Fritos.
The bill was $1, or $0.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Connie's Home Plate a D+ (see our grading rubric).

Of the painfully Wisconsin places that sometimes have hot food, there are also two types: there are the ones with grills, and there are the ones with Emil's. This one just had Emil's and we just didn't feel like eating frozen pizza in a former chicken coop. The place is small and dimly lit and full of lit people dimly aware of our small place in it. 

We stuck to a bag of (admittedly good) Chili Cheese Fritos and headed out, recalling our own no minimum order rule. Connie's did have pickled eggs under glass and individual servings of peanuts (sans honey roasted ones).

We had never been to Ashton, Wisconsin, before and it seems unlikely we'll return*, but seriously, there's an Ashton, Wisconsin and it is just outside of Middleton.

*Unless it's for fish fry.


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