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Clary's Gourmet Popcorn

Clary's on State StreetIn a word: Pop in.

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105 State St., 53703
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JM and Nichole ate the cinnamon, jalapeno, and caramel/M&M popcorns, with a bottle of soda.
The bill was $10ish plus tip.
JM gave Clary's Gourmet Popcorn a B+; Nichole gave Clary's Gourmet Popcorn an A- (see our grading rubric).

Clary's is the popcorn shop on State Street next to the defunct Psychic Gallery. While we're avid popcorn shoppers, we usually go to Capitol Corn Popper (formerly Vic's) and we usually get a plain bag (probably big), so this was a new stop for us. Forunately, these folks are big on samples and you can sample anything they have below the counter. 

They have a lot to choose from, including several kinds of candy-coated and caramel popcorns, and cheese mixes galore. The cinnamon popcorn was delicious as red-hot candies, and the deluxe caramel was not skimpy on the nuts and real M&Ms. The jalapeno cheddar was great, spicy enough to cut through the fog of a slight cold.


Plus they gave us a free recipe calendar!


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Your review was uniformly positive. So why only an A-/B+? What prevented you from each giving an A? How does Clary's stack up in direct comparison to Capitol Corn Popper?

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