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Casey's Carry-out Pizza

In a word: Gas station pizza that doesn't totally suck.

The specs: #00810  
602 W. North St., DeForest, 53532
Details at Casey's Carry Out Pizza on Urbanspoon
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JM and Nichole ate the sausage pizza and cheese breadsticks.
The bill was $20ish plus tip.
JM gave Casey's Carry-out Pizza a C+; Nichole gave Casey's Carry-out Pizza a C- (see our grading rubric).

Casey's Carry-out Pizza is from Casey's General Stores, a chain of convenience stores that dots the midwest. Our nearest Casey's is in DeForest, and that's quite a trip on a good day. Having read our options, JM selected a sausage pizza and tried to find something to do in DeForest while it was being made.


The pizza, such as it is, is really pretty average. It may be a little better than Pizza Hut if you live in DeForest and can get it home while it's hot. If you live farther afield, just pick the average pizza that's closest to you rather this, unless you're getting a fill-up or some of those little Deli Express sandwiches at the same time.  Oh, and the box listed one of the ingredients as enriched flower, which made us smile.

All in all, middling to middling.


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