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"W" is for Whew

Well, we're almost done. After W, the longest new letters are only 3 restaurants each (Y and Z) and that's shorter than any letter we've seen yet.  Indeed, if it hadn't been for a long bout of make-ups after W, we'd have been done eating by the time you read this. 

As of now, as winter draws near (it's November 29, 2011 - "pay a blogger day" - who knew?!), it's time to reflect that our original goal was to be done with 600 restaurants by May of 2012. That looks reachable right now and it also looks like we'll land between 775 and 800 places visited. This is pretty good when you consider that only about 500 are on the list at any given time. On the first pass (not counting make-ups, that is) we ate at 495 restaurants, wethinks. But we'd also have a heck of a post-Z make-up list and we'd have missed out on a lot of interesting new places.

Feet on the beachIt's also time to announce that when we do complete the alphabet, we're gonna take a break from Eating in Madison A to Z. We don't know how long we'll be on hiatus or what we'll do next, if anything. If you have thoughts, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Our favorite W's were:
Breakfast: Willalby's
Lunch: Water House
Dinner: Weary Traveler

Our grades thus far:

A 318
B 298
C 111
D 16
F 2

GPA by first letter:

1st PassCumulative
A 3.11 3.32
B 3.15 3.20
C 3.25 3.21
D 3.20 3.23
E 3.03 3.04
F 3.24 3.26
G 3.21 3.30
H 3.16 3.24
I 3.40 3.33
J 3.13 3.08
K 3.08 3.17
L 3.23 3.24
M 3.32 3.24
N 3.15 3.17
O 3.23 3.20
P 3.09 3.10
Q 3.39 3.39
R 3.19 3.21
S 3.14 3.18
T 3.19 3.15
U 3.03 3.03
V 3.48 3.48
W 3.21 n/a


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Restaurants in Minnesota ;)

So, restaurants that start with the letter 'V' have the highest GPA? Interesting!

Next project: visit every city in Wisconsin, or start a blog about ham sandwiches.

I totally get taking a break, but I will really miss reading the blog! Is there another thing you two can tackle that's Madison related? Or maybe move to tasting Wisconsin beer!

"Confidential" to Marlena: Drinking in Madison A to Z might maybe could possibly happen, with some help. We were thinking it would have to work more like Toronto's Serial Diners, though. (I miss reading Ultimate Madison Bar Tour but maybe they meant "ultimate" literally.)

You could also redo the entire list from top to bottom, and give a second take.

Or eat at every restaurant in Milwaukee.

Bravo guys, it's been fun. This blog is one of my daily highlights.

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