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"T" is for Taking stock

StockWe'll be doing a lot of "reflecting" in the near future as we have six more summary posts coming up in less than 6 months. Being through with 20 of the 26 letters means that we're really in gear to finish strong and soon. With the longest remaining letter, W, only half as long as T (and no X list at all), it is easy to feel like we're on the home stretch. The summer won't catch us resting on any bay leaves, though.

Our favorite T's were:
Breakfast: Three Sisters Old Town Inn
Lunch: Tuvalu Coffehouse and Gallery
Dinner: Tagura Asian Grill    

Many restaurants on the T list closed before we visited. So far the same appears to be true of the post-T make-up list (down at least 5 from the original two dozen venues due to closures and name changes) - to say nothing of the rest of the alphabet and the lands beyond the List. We think we're seeing a contraction of the market because of bad economic times. Places that were good enough to claw through the worst of it just didn't last long enough to see the rebound.

On the other hand, local food writing seems to be stepping as lively as ever. Particularly noteworthy and new-ish (by no means an exhaustive list, nor all about restaurant eating, nor just Madison) are Brownies and Zucchini, Mad City Eats, Mad Samplers, Madison Street Eats, Madison Wine Scene, A Sconnie Eats, A World of Flavors, and Tasty Lies. We try to keep our blogroll and news page up to date even if no one but us uses them - please feel free to let us know what we're missing.

A housekeeping note: commenters might notice that we've begun holding comments for approval. We found that we were greeting the day with spam for breakfast too often. Moderation seemed like a good way to manage that and increase our carefree away-from-keyboard time. We'll do our best to approve comments quickly, and have modified our comment policy accordingly. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Our grades thus far:

A 286
B 269
C 100
D 14
F 2

GPA by first letter:

1st PassCumulative
A 3.11 3.31
B 3.15 3.19
C 3.25 3.23
D 3.20 3.26
E 3.03 3.07
F 3.24 3.26
G 3.21 3.30
H 3.16 3.20
I 3.40 3.32
J 3.13 3.04
K 3.08 3.17
L 3.23 3.27
M 3.32 3.27
N 3.15 3.16
O 3.23 3.25
P 3.09 3.12
Q 3.39 3.39
R 3.19 3.19
S 3.14 3.14
T 3.19 n/a


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