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Dancing Grounds

Update: Dancing Grounds is now the Froth House.

In a word: Another local coffee shop.

The specs: #0119
Badger Herald review; official web site (note: Isthmus pointed us to the one on Allen St. The one on Gorham was not visited.)

JM ate the ham and cheese sandwich with salt and vinegar chips and a Sprecher root beer.
Nichole ate the spinach feta croissant and a redeye.
The bill was $14, or $7/person, plus tip.
JM gave Dancing Grounds a B-; Nichole gave Dancing Grounds a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Dancing Grounds news and reviews

Dancing Grounds had a strange paucity of gemutlichkeit going on. In other words, the small, pebbly tables (bad for writing and way too small to play a game or even share a meal), freaky John Fire Lame Deer quote on the door ("Today would be a perfect day to die...") and general lack of flow made for a stilted experience. Maybe it's different for regulars.

The meal itself was about average for a full-service coffee house. The spinach croissant was tasty but not necessarily filling, while the ham & cheese sandwich was dry. (JM often wonders what the attraction is.)  The sandwich bread and Nichole's full-bodied redeye were both high points.


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