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Sausage on a stickIn a word: Perfect for the Taipei personality in your life.

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320 State St., 53703
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Latest Taiwan Little Eats news and reviews

JM ate the coffin toast.
Nichole ate the cold sesame noodles.
We split a sausage.
The bill was $24, or $12/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave a Taiwan Little Eats an A (see our grading rubric).

If we ever forget why we do this, a meal like the one we had at Taiwan Little Eats is the perfect antidote to that amnesia. See, what good came from the former Mad City Frites place, trying to offer southeast Asian small plates in competition with established rivals like the excellent Rising Sons Deli? What good, indeed!

The menu is eccentric and delightfully all over the map. We ordered some sausage on a stick and scooped out some of the house brown mustard. These sausages were among the best we've had (really, only Sofra had better ones that sprang to mind, especially since RIP OSS). These were plump and filled with rich anise flavor but not in a way that drew comparisons to licorice. Each bite was a delight.

Nichole pulled up a bowl of cold sesame noodles which were worth losing your head for. These had great texture balance betwixt sticky and slippery. It came with a d6 of tofu, a neatly slice hardboiled egg (yum!) and a veg garnish that should be replicated often (nori, carrots, cukes and green onion). 

Cold noodles

JM beat Nichole to the punch, however, by claiming dibs on coffin toast before we even arrived at the restaurant. This dish bills itself as an Asian chicken pot pie, and in truth, this is a good comparison. If anything, that  understates its awesomeness.  The toast (as opposed to a pie crust) was buttery and perfectly browned. Removing the "lid" of airy bread reveals a creamy chicken filling loaded with savory veggies. The toast was amply buttered, as was the filling. Flesh eater, get yourself one of these stat!

Coffin toast

In terms of ambience, it's twee and pretty. A display of postcards and love letters from customers stands witness to many happy bellies. 


In a word: Again...

The specs: #01082  
151 E. Main, Stoughton 53589
Details at Yelp

Latest Tailgater news and reviews

JM ate the burger.
Nichole ate the BLT.
We split some gouda mac and cheese bites.
The bill was $24, or $/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Tailgater a B (see our grading rubric).

City: _____________

Verb (infinitive): ____________

Name of restaurant: ___________

Letter of the alphabet: ___________

Comparative adjective: __________

Noun: ___________

Sandwich: __________

Adjective: ____________

Job: _____________

Number: _______________

Platonic solid: ____________

Adjective: _______________

Color: _______________

Size: _____________

Fraction: ____________

Adjective: ____________

Adverb: _____________

Adjective: ___________

Time Period: _____________

Adjective: _______________

Plural noun: _____________

Pronoun: _______________

Food you can order in a bar: __________________

Adverb: ______________

Adjective: _______________

City: _______________


Tailgater in _________ opened just in time for us _________ it on this pass.  It used to be called ________ and we had just visited it when doing letter ___ . The food was a little ________ than its predecessor and the increase in ________ meant that we were able to both see and enjoy our meals.

Nichole stuck by her traditional order of _________ which came on wheat bread and was mighty _________. She also asked what the ____________ would recommend out of the __________ appetizer.  We took the recommendation for gouda mac and cheese bites that were shaped like a ____________, but were __________ and fried to a perfect golden ___________.

JM got the burger, which was a _____________ slab of beef.  Given that all of their patties are _________ lb. at a minimum, you will you won't leave _____________. That said, the bun __________ stood up to the meat, becoming soggy and ___________ after only _____________.  Of course, inverting the burger by flipping it ____________ worked OK. The fries were the size of __________, but were good enough.

At this point in Madison A to Z, __________ may be expecting that reviews of basically the same __________ do not provide a lot of new detail to the dining scene.  We would _____________ agree. And except for the ____________ gouda mac and cheese bites we don't see much difference between this and the other places in _____________.



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