Keg of Martinsville

The KegIn a word: Hidden valley bleh.

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7773 Martinsville Rd., Cross Plains, 53528
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JM ate the cheeseburger.
Nichole ate the gyro basket.
We split some cheesy tots.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip.
JM gave Keg of Martinsville a C; Nichole gave Keg of Martinsville a D+ (see our grading rubric).

Cheesy totsThe Keg of Martinsville is a tavern on a hilltop outside Cross Plains. It has a coat rack by the door, regular meat raffles, shake of the day, table service with a real menu and breakfast on Sundays.

The food is totally middle-of-the-road. The cheesy tots, while highly recommended of the aps on offer, were just OK nuggets of battered potato and cheez mixture. A $5 gyro basket was the daily special. It was light on the meat, with glassy-looking tomato slices and decent onions. There wasn't much tzatziki but a sprinkle of oregano showed some care. The burger was OK meat on a light and fluffy bun. 


We got waters to drink, which we might have reconsidered had we seen the (not uncommon) warning against making a habit of consuming the establishment's high-nitrate well water, posted discreetly above the sink in the women's room.

So the Keg of Martinsville is pretty much Wisconsin. If you do go, don't miss the beautiful vista from the concrete slab out back.

Scenic overlook with metal crane

The Keg

The KegIn a word: The token bar of Token Creek.

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6295 Portage Rd, DeForest 53532
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JM ate the Keg Burger.
Nichole ate the grilled cheese and onion rings.
The bill was $16, or $8/person, plus tip.
JM gave the Keg a C-; Nichole gave the Keg a D (see our grading rubric).

The "wheel," such as it is, has mostly been serving up fly-under-the-radar bars with small grill menus on their walls.  This new tradition brought us to Token Creek, that crossroads you hit on 19 just outside Sun Prairie.

The Keg is not really memorable.  We were there on a football Sunday after most of the games, and the place was nearly empty.

Nichole's grilled cheese was OK.  It had enough rich buttery essence.  JM got the Keg burger, a three-meat affair: brat, ham and burger patty. For as decadent as that sounds, each of the meats is aptly sized and there were not a lot of condiments on offer, so the thing ended up being more greasy than flavorful. 

One real complaint, though, were the onion rings which were as dark as a December sunset.  These had been cooked within an inch of their life, and then another 2.53 cm. It may have been unclean fry medium or too much time in the tub or both, but the effect was a little underwhelming.

They do have Galaga.

Grilled cheeseKeg burger

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